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Autism Learners was created by a special education teacher and BCBA to provide educational tools and resources for special learners.  The goal is to provide worksheets, stories, etc. that support how our learners learn and that allows them to showcase their full potential.  Each worksheet is created with a wide range of skill sets in mind and can be utilized as the learner grows from learning a new concept or skill until they have become proficient in displaying that skill.

Autism Learners utilizes validated assessment tools, as well as, state standards for academic achievement as a basis for creating each education tool available on Autism Learners.com.  This is to ensure that professionals and teachers are provided with a resource that will align with the tools they are using at home and in the classroom with their special learners.  

ABA Therapy

Autism Learners offers ABA therapy services to individuals ages 2-21. We offer one on one ABA therapy to clients in their home and community setting.  Services are provided by professionals certified or registered with the BACB to include BCBAs, BCaBAs and RBT professionals. We take a hands on approach to treatment by including the parent and client in the development of their treatment plan to ensure that the treatment plan is individualized to the client and meets their specific needs.  Included in services is ongoing full behavior assessments, adaptive functioning assessments, as well as, behavior management training for parents/caregivers using validated assessment tools and research driven interventions.  

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback we would love to hear from you.  Please send us an email at info@autismlearners.com.

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  • Autism Learners Special Education Worksheets
  • Autism Learners Special Education Worksheets
  • Autism Learners Special Education Worksheets

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