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Behavior Analyst Internship Program

The Behavior Analyst Internship Program provides individuals seeking a career in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) the opportunity to gain supervised fieldwork experience from a dedicated team of professionals.

To get started apply at or email us at

The first step to a new career

Our internship programs allows you to gain practical, real-world experience in the field of ABA as you journey into this new career field.  You will be provided hands-on support and feedback as you hone your skills to become a quality and dedicated ABA professional.  This internship is geared toward individuals seeking to become a BCBA or BCaBA.

During your fieldwork experience, you will:

  • Practice ABA methodologies by directly implementing client-focused treatment plans

  • Complete assessments and develop client-focused behavior and skill plans

  • Participate in parent meetings focused on the development of behavior management strategies

To be eligible for the internship program, you must:

  • Hold a RBT certification (or willing to attain certification within 30 days)

  • Be available at least once a week between 2 and 9p to provide direct service to local clients

  • Be eligible to accrue fieldwork hours based on BACB (i.e. enrolled in coursework)

  • Be CPR certified

  • Pass a background check

  • Have 2 professional references

Internship Types

  • Unpaid: Receive supervised fieldwork experience hours for course credit only. 

  • Paid: Receive supervised fieldwork experience hours at RBT rate.

  • Career Track: Receive supervised fieldwork experience hours at RBT rate and a guaranteed role at Autism Learners as a behavior analyst upon passing your exam.


RBT Rate: $20-24/hr depending on education level and experience

Find out more information here:

After I complete my fieldwork experience, what's next?

  • Take and pass a professional exam (BACB)

  • Gain a professional license in your state

  • Career Track BCBA: Start working with your assigned group of clients at a rate of $55-$60/hr with a requirement of at least 20 billable hours a week

  • Career Track BCaBA: Start working with your assigned group of clients at a rate of $35-$40/hr with a requirement of at least 20 billable hours a week

  • Career Track Behavior Analyst: Receive continued support during your transition as a behavior analyst


Supervision Standards (BACB)

Nature of Supervision. The purpose of supervision is to improve and maintain the behavior-analytic, professional, and ethical repertoires of the trainee and facilitate the delivery of high-quality services to the trainee’s clients. Behavior-analytic supervision includes, but is not limited to:

  • Monitoring the skills of the trainee throughout the supervised fieldwork

  • Developing and communicating performance expectations to the trainee

  • Conducting behavioral skills training for the trainee

  • Observing the trainee’s performance with clients and delivering feedback

  • Modeling technical, professional, and ethical behavior

  • Guiding the development of behavioral case conceptualization, problem-solving, and decision-making repertoires

  • Reviewing the trainee’s written materials (e.g., behavior programs, data sheets, reports) and delivering related feedback about the products

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