Adaptive-Functioning Apps

Our apps focus on allowing its users to effectively track data on meaningful daily living activities. We strive to create a quality, user-friendly experience that individuals of all ages and ability levels can enjoy.

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Daily Living Skills Tracker

The Daily Living Skills Tracker provides step-by-step, visual and auditory instructions to assist users in complete basic hygiene task such as: Brushing Teeth, Washing Hands, Washing Face, Using the Bathroom, Taking a Bath, Taking a Shower

Keep track of data with our task analysis data tracker which provides performance scores and identifies significant steps for each available visual task analysis.

Great for parents to use to teach basic hygiene skills to children of varying age and ability levels including individuals with special needs such as autism and other related disorders.

Find the accompanying books for the visual task analysis available in this app at

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My Emotions App

This app provides users with the ability to identify their emotions and listen to detailed tips on how to regulate their emotions. Emotions included are as follows: Happy, Sad, Mad, Tired, Hurt, Scared and Sick

Users can keep a journal of their thoughts, emotions and daily experience with this easy-to-use app.

This app is an extended support tool based on our book "I Feel Emotions". Find the accompanying book and more at

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Data Tracker | Tally & Timer

Our Data Trackers are an all-in-one data collection tool that allows users to tally how often an event occurs, as well as, the duration of the event, with ease.

Includes: Stopwatch, Countdown, Interval Timers
Tally Counters, Open Writing Space and a Notes Section

Included in the app are stopwatch, interval and countdown timers. Our interval and countdown timers alert users when the target time period ends to allow more focus on the collection of data.

Use 1 of our 8 tally counters to easily track how often an event occurs or write the tallies yourself using the provided drawing pad.

The Data Tracker allows users to collect duration and frequency data at the same time, with an easy-to-use interface. This app includes large and responsive buttons to reduce errors when tracking data.

Privacy Policy

Our apps do not collect personal information or data on any of the users, unless granted permission by the user. Use of the internet through the any of our apps is subject to the search engines and websites visited own privacy policy. If you have any questions about our apps, please email us at