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RBT Trainee Program

The RBT Trainee Program provides individuals seeking a career in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) the opportunity to learn core concepts as it relates to the current RBT task list.

It's How We All Begin

Every individual interested in entering the field of ABA starts off as a RBT.  It's the best way to learn the effects of the direct application of ABA therapy.  It's also a joy to provide direct service to our clients! 

To be hired at Autism Learners as a RBT, you'd need to complete each of the steps listed below, as well as, attain a CPR certificate and complete a background check.

To become a RBT you must complete the following steps:

  • Complete a 40 hour RBT training course based on the current RBT Task List (100% online)

  • Complete a competency assessment

  • Submit a RBT application to the BACB

  • Take an exam at a local Pearson Vue Assessment Center


How do I get started?

  • Apply for a job at

  • Attend an interview where you will be ask in-depth questions to determine your eligibility for this role

  • If selected, sign the RBT trainee agreement document and complete the RBT 40 hour training within 3 weeks

Where can I find a 40 Hour Training Program?

There are many providers that offer the 40 hour training for free and at a low cost.  We do not endorse or have an affiliation with any of the coursework providers listed below. 

After I finish my RBT 40 hour training, what's next?

  • Start the in-person training period with one of our ABA professionals

  • You will meet with a staff member to identify your competency assessment tasks

  • Under the supervision of an ABA professional, you will work one-on-one with a client

  • Be prepared to be available between 2 and 9p, Monday-Friday

  • Meet with an Autism Learners staff member to review your competency assessment and eligibility to join the Autism Learners team



  • BACB Application: $50

  • BACB Exam: $45

  • CPR Training: Approximately $60

  • The RBT is a paraprofessional credential and the competency assessment will allow you to take the exam necessary to become a RBT.  The cost for us to assist you in completing the competency assessment is free if hired and you remain with our company for 18 months after you become a RBT.  It is also free if we do not hire you for the RBT role and no competency assessment has been provided to you from Autism Learners.  However, if you accept the competency assessment provided by Autism Learners and depart from your role voluntarily before the 18 months period has passed the cost will be $1500.  

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