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Parent Trainings

Autism Learners provides structured parent training lessons to support

parents with the implementation of behavior management strategies.

Our trainings align with the RUBI Network trainings, find the manual and 

additional resources from RUBI Network by clicking here.

Find free resources and information on autism below.

Mother with her Child

A neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by markedly impaired social interactions and verbal and nonverbal communication; narrow interests; and repetitive behavior. Manifestations and features of the disorder appear before age 3 but vary greatly across children according to developmental level, language skills, and chronological age. They may include a lack of awareness of the feelings of others, impaired ability to imitate, absence of social play, abnormal speech, abnormal nonverbal communication, and a preference for maintaining environmental sameness. 

Online Class

Data Logs and Visual Supports

ABC Data Log

Communication Log

Compliance Log

Differential Reinforcement Log

Intervention Log

Schedule of Reinforcement Log

Toileting Log

Visual Task Analysis

Planned Ignoring Log

Parent Training Lessons

Click below to access a lesson topic

ABC Data

Consequence Interventions

Functions of Behavior/MO

Adaptive Behavior

Use of Reinforcement

Antecedent Interventions

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